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As one of the best-known BBW models in porn, Maria Moore likes to keep her body and tits full for the camera. She never skips out on dessert and she even goes for that second scoop of ice cream. ‘I know I’m in the right business because I love food and I love fucking. Sure, I could go out and find a normal job, but I’m not a normal girl. I love showing off my big tits and my dick-sucking skills. And where else would I be able to do that and get to enjoy amazing food at the same time? I’ve always mixed food and sex in my personal life, and now the whole world gets to see it. That idea gives me the most satisfaction of all.’

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Baning her on the floor

Truda is definitely on big babe and once she’s naked those huge tits of hers look even bigger. Along with her big body comes a huge hunger for hard cock and she didn’t need any encouragement to get down on the floor and fuck her brains out like a cheap whore.


The action is wild and dirty and you don’t want to miss it so jump in and give your cock a treat.

Bratwurst, beer and Brandy’s boobs

At Brandy’s Beerhouse, you get the best service, the best brew and the best breasts. She brings you beer and bratwurst in a tiny German barmaid outfit that accentuates her large breasts. But the moment you see the huge sausage she’s serving up, you realize you’d rather see Brandy eat it. A big girl like her probably appreciates big, juicy sausage more than you do, anyway. Sit back, sip your beer and let Brandy slowly devour the wiener. All this eating is turning you both on. Let her show you how she can inhale your sausage, too. When she’s done sucking, she expects a tip for her quality service-your pork pole in her pussy, so don’t be stingy.

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Workout Wallop

Shyla Shy was really interested in getting a personal trainer. She already had the whole gym set up at home. It was time time to make it happen. So after staking out the local gym, she finds a big black man by the name of Lucas that seemed like he would be interested. After approaching him and inviting him over, the story tells itself. From interesting stretching techniques to looking at how firm her ass really was, this blonde plumper gets the full body treatment. Her big round natural boobs get sucked on as she pulls out the black dick and sucks on it. Her hot blowjob was only outshined by the way her pussy took that dick. She gets fucked all sorts of ways. Ways that show off those chubber curves. Talk about a full service workout!

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UK Hotties Do It Better

Her name is Dani and she has lots of naughty fun in store for you. This ain’t your British nanny. Dani is simply plumper perfection to the ‘T’. And by ‘T’ I’m talking about those big ol’ awesome TITS.

This full on hottie loves to get nasty in hardcore fashion. She loves making eye contact with her lover while he fucks her pussy raw cause she likes that kind of intensity. And trust me, this is a high intensity BBW fuck. So download this clip. If you love voluptuous women who love to fuck (and we know you do), you’ll enjoy this update.

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Wild hunger for hard cock

This is one big babe who has an even bigger hunger for hard cock than most sluts we show you. Not only does this babe love to get fucked till she’s a screaming mess but it’s not over till her face is covered in all the hot sticky cum that she can get.

Lots of cum on her sexy face

Come on in and watch as Rochelle gets her craving to be fucked and facialed satisfied.

Twilight Fucks Again

Now here’s a Twilight that’s actually worth watching. Twilight is this multi-ethnic hot, sexy plumper’s name. You have seen her before and if you have, you’d know she is awesomely stacked, big assed, exotic beauty that loves to get boned. Her favorite is when she’s riding a well endowed guy in a squatting position, so that her pussy is perfectly angled to take in the entire shaft. Make Twilight cum and she love you long, long time. Just watch….

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Titty Sundae

‘You look a little hungry. Are you ready for a nice, sticky treat?’ You better be, because Monique doesn’t make her special titty sundae for just anyone. Make sure you bring your appetite too because Monique has a lot of tit to eat. Things are going to get messy, so Monique makes sure to remove all her clothes. Your mouth will water and your cock will harden as she douses her tits with whip cream, sprinkles and of course, a cherry on top. ‘Now why don’t you come over here and eat my cherry?‘ says Monique. Her wish is fulfilled, and so are yours as she gets her creamy tits and tight pussy fucked hard and fast.

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This horny plumper loves cock

Here’s on hot blonde plumper with an insaitable hunger for hard cock. She’s gonna blow you away with the way she fucks her brains out as she gets some of that hard fucking that she craves.


It’s hard and dirty action and this is one bitch who is going to make your balls ache.

Alarm Charm

The voluptuous Vanessa Blake answered the door and encountered an alarm salesman. He wanted to know if she was interested in a snazzy new alarm system. She wasn’t as interested in what he was selling as much as she was in what he was packing in his pants. A big black cock was what she had in mind. So he gets invited in and taken for a tour of the house, to see where the installations would take place. In the bedroom, her big round fat juicy ass cheeks were falling out of her shorts. This hot young plumper babe was sealing the deal. She quickly undid his belt and got to sucking on his big dick. This hot chubby lady then got her tight pussy fucked! I’m talking about rammed. Hot hardcore interracial sex scene here. Enjoy!

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